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Contact person

Christian Dontenvill


Telefon: +49 (0) 731 60 22 708

Telefax: +49 (0) 731 60 22 709

Mobil:    +49 (0) 171 51 74 417

MEDI help ist der Spezialist für Hospital Einrichtungen faltbar und stapelbar, ob im Einsatz-Lazarett der Bundeswehr, Erste-Hilfe Stationen oder in Katastrophen-Gebieten

Advancement and expansion

MEDI help was founded in 1999. Acontinuous development and extension of the business fields ist the reason for todays company dimensions, the large variety of products and its international presence. Both achieved by entrepreneurial engagement and capital investments, applied technical know-how (patents) and quality-consious manufacturing with latest equipment. 

Hospital Equipment

Patented and CE homologated furniture:


  • Hospital Beds,

  • Camp Beds,

  • Hospital Bedside Cabinets,

  • Hospital Lockers,

  • Little Lockers,

  • Mobile-Field Operating-Table, Trolley for NATO-Stretcher

  • Litter-Stands,  Stretcher Equipment carrier...

  • and many accessories


This innovative concept was developed to improve conditions of care all around the world.


The ideal furniture for a fast and efficient use at low cost, whether it is in military hospitals and clinics, first help tents or areas touched by natural disasters. 

A logistic revolution

Storage and transportation of furniture saves the place size.      



Thanks to innovative design and stacking capabilities of MEDI help beds, a large amount of beds can be transported without much loss of space and volume. And  can be placed:


In one 20-Feet shelter       50 beds


In one 40-Feet shelter     140 beds

It can be quickly assembled without tools or removed by anyone. It should be added or removed a part 

Our commitment

MEDI help in a few years became a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of its Hospital Equipment. It has acquired a unique experience in the areas of research, industrialization, service and training to effectively address the specific needs of its clients. 



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